Fedora Core 1 Released
Posted on: 11/05/2003 04:24 PM

Fedora Core 1 (formerly Red Hat Linux 10) has been released

This release includes GNOME 2.4, KDE 3.1.4, OpenOffice 1.1, and Samba 3.0.

Hardware Requirements

The following information represents the minimum hardware requirements necessary to successfully install Fedora Core 1:


NOTE: The following CPU specifications are stated in terms of Intel processors. Other processors (notably, offerings from AMD, Cyrix, and VIA) that are compatible with and equivalent to the following Intel processors may also be used with Fedora Core.

o Minimum: Pentium-class

NOTE: Fedora Core 1 is optimized for Pentium PRO (and later) CPUs, but also supports Pentium-class CPUs. This approach has been taken because Pentium-class optimizations actually result in reduced performance for non-Pentium-class processors.

o Recommended for text-mode: 200 MHz Pentium-class or better
o Recommended for graphical: 400 MHz Pentium II or better

Hard Disk Space (NOTE: Additional space will be required for user data):

o Custom Installation (Minimal): 520MB
o Server: 870MB
o Personal Desktop: 1.9GB
o Workstation: 2.4GB
o Custom Installation (Everything): 5.3GB


o Minimum for text-mode: 64MB
o Minimum for graphical: 192MB
o Recommended for graphical: 256MB

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