Fedora 20 Linux: Problems Supporting AMD Video Hardware
Posted on: 01/03/2014 11:04 PM

Fedora 20 already creating challenges for Linux users with AMD graphics hardware, which is not supported in some cases on the new release.

Fedora 20 Linux: Problems Supporting AMD Video Hardware

From The Var Guy:
It's not the end of the world. Some users have reported success running the alternative open source driver for AMD video devices, which comes built in to the Linux kernel in Fedora 20. And if that fails, there's nothing stopping them from sticking with Fedora 19 until the issue with the Catalyst driver resolves itself.

But the bigger story here is about how hardware support remains a thorn in the side of open source software, even after so many years of development and widespread adoption of open source platforms. In this case, a proprietary driver is available, but the pipeline for delivering it to ordinary users has broken unexpectedly, with little warning. In other situations, no driver exists at all for hardware devices whose manufacturers decline to offer Linux support, or even the information necessary to allow third-party developers to write drivers themselves.[/qute]

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