Fedora 19 Review
Posted on: 07/08/2013 10:09 PM

Muktware published a review on Fedora 19

Fedora 19 Review

Fedora 19 (Schrödinger's Cat) arrived earlier this week. This release missed the planned deadline by one week, as has traditionally happened with past releases. Nevertheless a seven days' delay is still manageable as compared to 2-3 weeks by which Fedora generally misses the mark. We've still not forgotten the two-and-a-half month delay in case of Fedora 18. The reason behind such delays is generally given to be focus on stability, which is a good thing for the end users because Fedora comes with “bleeding-edge” software—packages in their latest upstream versions at the time of release—and it's kind of imperative to ensure everything works and all regressions are ironed out.

The last Fedora I installed on my computer was F14 (Laughlin), released in end-2010. F14 was a pretty solid release, especially with its smooth KDE experience. Those were early days for GNOME 3, and I abhorred its user experience. A lot had drastically changed from v2, many things were only partially implemented, and a huge lot of things were just absent. At the time, using GNOME 3 was frustrating, to say the least. F19 comes with GNOME 3 as its default desktop, and so I had my apprehensions before giving it a try.

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