Fedora 16 KDE and GNOME 3 Alpha screenshots
Posted on: 08/25/2011 09:03 AM

LinuxBSDos.com posted a screenshot tour of Fedora 16 Alpha

Fedora 16 KDE and GNOME 3 Alpha screenshots

The first alpha of Fedora 16 was released yesterday (August 23, 2011). As you might expect, this is buggy, really buggy. While bug hunting is in progress, here are a few screenshots from the KDE and GNOME editions. A few of them have already been posted here, but the rest are new.

In that article, I showed, via a couple of the screenshots, that Anaconda, the Fedora installer, will be using the GPT partition table by default. There were some doubts about that, but the images in this article confirms it. GPT partition table will be the default, when Fedora 16 is finally released, which will be in early November (2011).

GPT, the GUID Partition Table, is an alternate disk partition table scheme that solves two problems associated with the MBR (Master boot Record) partition table: It allows the configuration of more than four primary partitions, the maximum supported by MBR, and also supports disk partitions of more than 2 TB.

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