Fedora 14 Preview: What's New in Fedora 14?
Posted on: 09/28/2010 12:21 PM

Linux.com takes a look at Fedora 14 features and improvements, including KDE 4.5, libjpeg-turbo, SPICE, and JavaFX Composer.

Fedora 14 Preview: What's New in Fedora 14?

Fedora 14 is on track for a final release date of November 02, 2010. If all 14 does is improve upon 13, Fedora will have another winner on its hands. Why? Fedora 13 was one of the strongest releases the Red Hat sandbox has had in a while. And with what Fedora 14 has under and above its hood, the next release should up the ante yet again for the Fedora distribution.

But what exactly is in store for Fedora 14? And who is this release really targeting? Historically, Fedora was a distribution that attracted only those that wanted "bleeding edge" software and a distribution they could (and almost needed to) tinker with. With the release of Fedora 13 things started to change a bit. The end user could happily use Fedora out of the box. It was stable and it had plenty to offer users of all levels.

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