Fedora 14 for IBM System z 64bit official release
Posted on: 01/26/2011 11:26 AM

Fedora 14 for IBM System z 64bit has been released

It's been a long time since we last had an official release of IBM
System z on Fedora...

A really long time...

A really, really long time...

In fact and to be precise, it's been 134,265,600 seconds or 2,237,760
minutes or 37,296 hours or 1554 days since Fedora 6 was released on
October 24th 2006 which was the last release where IBM System z was

But today, today changes all this.

As today, the Fedora IBM System z (s390x) Secondary Arch team proudly
presents the Fedora 14 for IBM System z 64bit official release!

And without further ado, here the links to the actual release:



and obviously on all mirrors that mirror the secondary arch content.

The first directory contains the normal installation trees as well as 1
DVD ISO and 5 CD ISOs with the complete release.

Everything as usual contains, well, everything. :)

We have collected a couple of example config files, kickstart examples
and a nice README here:


but beware that currently the images found there are still outdated,
we're working on fixing that over the next weeks.

Additional information about know issues, the current progress and state
for future release, where and how the team can be reached and just
anything else IBM System z on Fedora related can be found here:


Thanks go out to everyone involved in making this happen!

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