Fedora 10 Cambridge - Review & Tutorial
Posted on: 11/02/2008 10:51 AM

Dedoimedo posted a review and tutorial on Fedora 10 Cambridge

I love RedHat-based distros. My favorite "server" distro is CentOS. You can expect solid, classic Linux performance and old text-book behavior. Yet, for a strange, unknown reason, I seem to have missed Fedora in my choice of reviews and tutorials. Until now.

Fedora is a community-developed distro, RPM-based, derived from RedHat when it turned into an enterprise product. CentOS branched off to mimic the enterprise releases as the server distro and Fedora became a household item.

Fedora 10 Cambridge is the latest beta, slated for release toward the end of November. I decided to test and see what Fedora can offer the average Linux user, the new Windows convert, the dazed and confused non-geek.

Fedora 10 Cambridge - Review Tutorial

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