Feather Linux 0.5.5 Review
Posted on: 08/03/2004 04:27 AM

Tuxs.org has posted a Feather Linux 0.5.5 review

There has been quite a bit of talk about mini Linux distro's recently so I decided to take a look at some of them. Given the large number of small distro's I narrowed my search to only those less than 200 mb, a live CD, desktop oriented, and those that have had a release in the last couple of months. After reading a few reviews and looking at a few of the websites I decided to take a longer look at Feather Linux.

Why would you want to have a distro that is so small? There are several reasons: mini distros are faster, they make you evaluate what you really need in a distro, just because you can, but lastly and most importantly - because it is just too cool not to have a complete Linux distribution on a little 8cm CD!

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