Face-off: Fedora Core 1 versus the free version of SuSE 9.0
Posted on: 12/22/2003 06:52 AM

NewsForge has posted a head-to-head comparison of the free version of the world's second most popular Linux distribution - SuSE 9.0 - and the Red Hat-backed community Linux distribution Fedora Core 1

With the imminent demise of the product known as Red Hat Linux, many people are asking, "Where do I go next?" For IT decision-makers, the question couldn't come at a worse time. Just as Microsoft is dropping support for their most popular version of Windows, prodding budget-conscious managers to consider Linux on the organization desktop, the best-known Linux distribution is suddenly no longer a part of the solution set at the retail level. As a community college instructor preparing both users and administrators to use Linux in the workplace, the question of "what now?" has been on my mind as well.

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