eWeek: Will Linux Luminary Shred SCOs Unix Claims?
Posted on: 09/09/2003 02:57 AM

Linux luminary Eric S. Raymond is taking the fight with The SCO Group right back to the basics: he has developed a utility known as a comparator that looks for common code segments in large source trees and which, on an Athlon 1.8 GHz box, has an effective comparison rate of over 55,000 lines per second.

Raymond, the president of the Open Source Initiative, declined for legal reasons to say whether he had developed the comparator specifically to compare older Unix code to Linux so as to be able to refute SCO's claims that the 2.4 kernel and beyond contain proprietary Unix code.

But he did admit that "I am grinning a grin that should frighten the thieves and liars at SCO out of a week's sleep."

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