Esselbach Storyteller CMS 1.8 released
Posted on: 11/22/2004 07:23 AM

Version 1.8 of Esselbach Storyteller CMS (the backend of Linux Compatible and NT Compatible) has been released. I am upgrading Linux Compatible later this week to the new version.

What's new in 1.8:

- Advanced search options in admin control panel
- A preview option has been added to news, downloads, and reviews while using the plain (non wysiwyg) editor
- New image blockcodes ([ imgleft ], [ imgright ], [ thumbleft ], [ thumbright ]) are available
- A option to turn URLs to code is now available in admin control panel for news, downloads, and review
- Downloads can be now enabled for registered users only. It is no longer necessary to add subscribers.
- Added a teaser picture option for the forums overview
- Non admin users can be added now to private forums
- Forums can be merged in the admin control panel
- A mass thread move option is available in the admin control panel
- Instant Styles comes now with 50 themes, a wide option, as well a menu left/right/above option
- Added an option to display today's referers
- Admin user can define their own block codes in admin control panel
- Admin user can add their own smilies in admin control panel
- A lost passwort option is now available at the login screen
- "What's new on this website" has been enhanced to display the news headlines or forum topics of all websites
- Added multiple sort options at the forums/topics list
- Added quick reply in thread footer
- Added thread rating option
- A "PLONK" button is now available in comments and forums. Clicking this button will mask the users post with "*PLONK*". The original post is still in the database.
- There is now an auto plonk option available under troll management in the ban section of the admin control panel
- A posting that has been marked as solution can be unmarked by the topic starter
- Who is online has been added
- The thumbnail function is now using GD2 for resizing on newer PHP versions
- An additional filter has been added to the email news import function
- The login header bar (above) is now part of the site_header template and can be added with $insert[login_header]
- Persistent MySQL connection can be enabled under config
- A few minor bugfixes

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