Epiphany Extensions 1.7.1
Posted on: 06/06/2005 02:25 AM

Epiphany Extensions is a collection of extensions for Epiphany, the GNOME web browser.

Epiphany Extensions 1.7.1 is the first release for use with the development 1.7 series of Epiphany with GNOME leading up to GNOME 2.12.

* What's new ?

Epiphany Extensions 1.7.1

New extensions

* Newsfeed extractor extension, written by Raphaël Slinckx
* Greasemonkey extension, written by Adam Hooper
* Python console
* Sample Python extensions

Removed extensions

* Find toolbar (moved to Epiphany core)


* Numerous enhancements
* Numerous bug fixed: #301001, #302326, #300637, #171908, #172390,
#170786, #170322, #290309.

Contributors: Adam Hooper, Jordi Mallach, Christian Persch,
Jean-François Rameau and Raphaël Slinckx.

New and updated translations by Rostislav "zbrox" Raykov (bg),
Miloslav Trmac (cs), Frank Arnold (de), Adam Weinberger (en_CA),
Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es), Pauli Virtanen (fi), Gabor Kelemen (hu),
Takeshi AIHANA (ja), Reinout van Schouwen (nl), Steve Murphy (rw),
Marcel Telka (sk), Christian Rose (sv), Maxim Dziumanenko (uk) and
Pablo Saratxaga (wa).

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:
with SHA1 sum ede21c18b7c3fed6668ab0ec9e654b40c6c7a2e0.

Epiphany Extensions 1.7.1 requires Epiphany 1.7.1 or above:

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