Epiphany 1.9.7 released
Posted on: 02/14/2006 12:37 PM

Epiphany 1.9.7 has been released

Epiphany is the GNOME web browser, based on the mozilla rendering engine. It aims to be simple and easy to use.

Epiphany 1.9.7 is the seventh release in the development series leading up to GNOME 2.14. In this release, new features like the topic chooser introduced in the previous release have received a lot of polish. In addition, some memory usage optimizations have been made.

Epiphany 1.9.7 requires Mozilla 1.7.9 or above, firefox 1.0.5 or above, firefox 1.5.0 or above, or seamonkey 1.0b or above. The recommended version is firefox

Download epiphany (SHA1 sum 3ebcdb521b2842d0eacc9bf872ee6e00d95fd025)
Download epiphany-extensions (SHA1 sum 448ee7b2a86858f630b210d2fc090cb5b1fb9845)

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