Epiphany 1.3.4
Posted on: 08/01/2004 08:20 AM

Epiphany 1.3.4 has been released

Epiphany is the GNOME web browser, based on the mozilla rendering engine. It aims to be simple and easy to use.

Epiphany 1.3.4 is a development release in the unstable series leading up to GNOME 2.8.

* What's changed ?

Epiphany 1.3.4

Code changes

* Add mime types to .desktop file (Xan)
* Simplify proxy PAC handling (Christian)
* Reworked node views (Marco)
* Adapt to mozilla API change (Christian)
* Don't use -include which isn't portable (Christian) [#143094]
* Fix signedness warnings with gcc 3.5 (Jon Oberheide)
* Misc popup blocker code cleanup (Adam)

Bug Fixes

* Fix downloader crash on shutdown (Marco) [#141928]
* Fix mem leaks in gtk NSS dialogues (Christian, ported from galeon)
* Fix crash when importing bookmarks from mozilla (Marco) [#145611]
* Gracefully handle inability to create downloads directory (Marco) [#146902]
* Fix profiler output for times > 1 s (Christian, ported from galeon)
* Fix crash in the new bookmark dialogue with deleted topics (Marco) [#144770]
* Use our stock icon for the downloader icon in tray (Christian)
* Fix dialogue title of Save Link As filechooser (Christian) [#138208]
* Correctly update toolbar's not-removable flag (Christian)
* Fix mem leak from toolbars model (Christian)
* Fix non-ascii topic titles in the bookmarks menu (Christian) [#147469]
* Fix download directory chooser initial directory (Christian) [#146055]
* Confirm overwriting file from content handler (Christian) [#143501]
* Fix crash when screen size changes after using fullscreen (Christian)
* Fix print-to-file filechooser modality (Christian) [#147628]

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