Empathy 0.21.91
Posted on: 03/05/2008 10:14 AM

Empathy 0.21.91 has been released

Empathy 0.21.91 is now available for download from: http://download.gnome.org/sources/empathy/0.21/

17dccff8b992aaeab22af2e9162f58e3 empathy-0.21.91.tar.gz
e25d4bfd0c91b53bff498c6bbfd1bfc1 empathy-0.21.91.tar.bz2

What is it?
Empathy consists of a rich set of reusable instant messaging widgets, and a GNOME client using those widgets. It uses Telepathy and Nokia's Mission Control, and reuses Gossip's UI. The main goal is to permit desktop integration by providing libempathy and libempathy-gtk libraries. libempathy-gtk is a set of powerful widgets that can be embeded into any GNOME application.

You can visit the project web site:

What's New?
- Blink the status icon for new incoming calls. (Xavier Claessens).
- Close the media channel if stream engine crashes. (Xavier Claessens).
- Change status to closed if stream engine dies or if a call fails. (Xavier Claessens).
- Make use of generated code for using stream engine. (Xavier Claessens).
- Add a GUI to configure IRC accounts (Guillaume Desmottes).
- accounts-dialog: swap the create and previous button (Guillaume Desmottes).
- save when adding/removing networks (Guillaume Desmottes).
- check if network != NULL before trying to set its charset (Guillaume Desmottes).
- New call code, should be more usable (Elliot Fairweather).
- Try to create salut account if getting the gconf key fails. (Xavier Claessens).
- Add a generic UI to make easy building UI for protocol specific settings. (Xavier Claessens).
- Fix setting avatar on salut. (Sjoerd Simons).
- Use EMPATHY_SRCDIR environment variable to load uninstalled glade/xml/dtd files (Xavier Claessens).

Bugs fixed:
- Fixed #505585, Improve .gitignore (Guillaume Desmottes)
- Fixed #505622, add "check" framework support (Guillaume Desmottes)
- Fixed #507515, "has come online" is printed even if peer has been online the whole time (Xavier Claessens)
- Fixed #507656, "make valgrind" broken (Guillaume Desmottes)
- Fixed #513673, Need a GUI to configure ICQ accounts (Andreas Henriksson)
- Fixed #513674, Need a GUI to configure Yahoo! accounts (Susana)
- Fixed #516198, Thinks contacts come online each time a chat dialog is opened (Xavier Claessens)
- Fixed #517098, Critical warnings viewing previous conversations (Xavier Claessens)

- Updated pt_BR translation (Og Maciel).
- Updated sv translation (Daniel Nylander).
- Updated Spanish translation (Jorge Gonzalez).
- Updated Arabic Translation (Abou Manal).
- Updated eu translation (Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio).
- Updated Occitan translation (ymarcheg).
- Updated Basque translation. (dooteo).
- Updated Finnish translation (ituohela).
- Updated ja translation (Takeshi AIHANA).
- Updated Nepali Translation (pachimho).
- Updated Finnish translation (ituohela).
- Updated Galician Translation. (icq).
- Added Hebrew translation (yairhr).

Empathy 0.21.91

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