digiKam 0.9.1-beta1 release
Posted on: 02/12/2007 05:27 PM

The digiKam team approaches another release step with 0.9.1-beta1 (including digikamimageplugins-0.9.1-beta1 and libkexiv2-0.1.0 as separate packages, libkexiv2 is required). The files are online at SF https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=42641

This is a bug-fix and useability release with several new features for viewing and slideshows that even display RAW files. Plans are to put -rc1 in a week and -final in two weeks time online.

Enjoy !! :-)


*** 0.9.0-beta1 *******************************************************
- New native JPEG2000 image loader using Jasper library witch can support 16
bits color depth pictures.
- New optimized layout to show Comments Tags side bar contents.
- Tags View from Comments Tags side bar support drag drop.
- New Batch tool to sync all pictures metadata (EXIF/IPTC) with digiKam
database content.
- Add a status bar to Album Gui with a progress bar, text bar, and navigate
- New native SlideShow tool witch use the Image Preview feature.
RAW files can be slided very fast.

AlbumGUI :
- Improvement of pop-up menu of Tags Filter View and Comment Tags about auto
selection/deselection of parents/child tags in Tags treeview.
- Main Root album show a Welcome page for new users (like Kmail or Konqueror).
- Video files can be previewed using an embedded instance of default KDE media
- Preview picture mode use a memory cache to speed-up loading.
- Preview picture mode pride a context pop-up menu.
- Comments Tags now support multiple selection of items to apply properties.
- New option to set the action to do when user right click on picture thumb:
Load on Image Editor or Show an embedded preview.
- Prefer Exif DateTimeOriginal for sorting images (DateTimeDigitized and
DateTime only used as fallback)

Image Plugins:
- All tools remember settings between sessions.
- All tools render properly preview using Color Managed View.
- All tools use the same keyboard shortcuts than PhotoShop.
- New option in all Color corrections Tools to show under-exposed and
over-exposed areas of corrected picture before to apply corrections.
- Brightness/Contrast/Gamma : settings value excursion are the same than
- Add Border Tool : add new option to preserve aspect ratio. Border Width can
be set in pixels or in percents accordingly with this setting.
- Perspective Tool : add a grid and vertical/horizontal guide lines.
- Ratio-crop Tool : usability improvements from Jaromir Malenko.
- Auto Color Correction Tool : add new filter to perform auto-exposure
- all plugins : capability to remember settings between plugin sessions to
store configuration in a settings file.

Image Editor:
- Add new advanced options to keep ratio and alignment about print pictures.
- Add 2 new advanced options to show under-exposed or over-exposed pixels.
- Remove View-gt;Histogram menu option. We have a better histogram available in
- Color profiles are tested now to avoid invalid files.
- JPEG/PNG/TIFF/JPEG2000 file save settings are now available in File Save
- JPEG file save settings include a red warning about this lossy compression
image format with a link to wikipedia to aware users.


242 ==gt; 115157 : Usability: Image comments/tags dialog: hard to find/see all
already selected tags (and to 'de'select them).
243 ==gt; 132309 : Wish: enhance video support in digiKam.
244 ==gt; 115153 : Assigns tags not only to selected images with drag and drop.
245 ==gt; 131743 : Comments and tag edit widgets should retain focus when
changing image.
246 ==gt; 140412 : Comments/Tags sidebar steels focus.
247 ==gt; 137491 : Editor image cache not flush when an image is modified
outside digiKam.
248 ==gt; 138949 : Save/overwrite fails: wrong dialog.
249 ==gt; 139197 : Crash during import of raw imagefiles (DNG).
250 ==gt; 139313 : UTF-8 image comments are mangled when input from image
251 ==gt; 136903 : If partition gets full during camera/card copy there is no
warning and empty files are created.
252 ==gt; 133955 : Rating search: less, equal, and larger comparison.
253 ==gt; 139547 : Tag hierarchy automatic fill.
254 ==gt; 138816 : gpcamera.cpp compile failure CameraList camList.
255 ==gt; 93542 : Improvements to digiKam print interface.
256 ==gt; 139658 : Tiff generated by photoshop is either ignored by digiKam
image browser, or kills digiKam when regenerating the database.
257 ==gt; 102032 : Wish: rating system for photos, show/hide/sort by rating.
258 ==gt; 111446 : Bad behaviour when out of disk space.
259 ==gt; 133516 : Tags set in Comments/Tags end up on the wrong picture.
260 ==gt; 140136 : Aspect ratio crop and selection widget improvements.
261 ==gt; 131600 : Set tag for multiple selection of images.
262 ==gt; 137545 : Helper lines / cross wanted.
263 ==gt; 131170 : Add grid/auxiliary lines for perspective correction tool.
264 ==gt; 138158 : Allow to edit multiple image tags/comments at same time.
265 ==gt; 140234 : Thumbnail click default action.
266 ==gt; 135141 : Border size in pixel.
267 ==gt; 137696 : Border extent should not follow image aspect ratio.
268 ==gt; 138444 : More clear/consistent color management terminology.
269 ==gt; 140176 : Showfoto crashes when selecting a filter.
270 ==gt; 130237 : Typos in digiKam plugin files.
271 ==gt; 138925 : External modules config dialog lacks a select all button.
272 ==gt; 140038 : digiKam Image Editor crash on right click after changing
273 ==gt; 139766 : Crash when displaying EXIF metadata with Unicode comment
274 ==gt; 130017 : Wish: batch operation to save existing comments in the files.
275 ==gt; 140320 : View menu should better fit after Edit.
276 ==gt; 127617 : "Toggle Fullscreen" should be located in "View" menu instead
of "Settings" menu.
277 ==gt; 139264 : digiKam sorts pictures with wrong exif tag.
278 ==gt; 140417 : Crash digiKam when delete image.
279 ==gt; 110514 : Enhanced selection, refactored histogram.
280 ==gt; 140933 : Typo: Album Library Path.
281 ==gt; 141190 : digikam crash when invalid ICM file at color profile
282 ==gt; 123649 : JPEG/PNG quality settings at the "save" dialog.
283 ==gt; 116518 : Use KIPI plugin for displaying slideshows.
284 ==gt; 140304 : Start slideshow from the current image.
285 ==gt; 140303 : slideshow must be relocated to View menu from tools menu.
286 ==gt; 137503 : Tags are not written to image file automatically.
287 ==gt; 136254 : Editing tags does not change IPTC-keywords.
288 ==gt; 135655 : Proper full screen mode (no menu, toolbar, statusbar,

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