Deskbar Applet 0.3
Posted on: 06/14/2005 10:46 AM

This is a small Gnome applet that is like Google's Deskbar, but it 1) runs on Linux, and 2) can use search engines other than Google.

Most notably, the applet now works with GNOME 2.10 (and its new panel/applet focus behavior).

This means, however, that dependency versions have been bumped. In particular, unstable (version 2.11.2) gnome-python-extras is required, for previously un-wrapped API.

Also, you can now edit the list of search engines through a GUI, rather than having to edit the (python) source code. Here's a screenshot of me adding my local library catalog:

Finally, thanks to Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams, for packaging the previous version in Fedora Extras. Unfortunately, version 0.2 is undoubtedly broken on Fedora 4 (due to the above-mentioned GNOME 2.10 panel focus thing), and this version (0.3) relies on an unstable dependency.

gt;From the CHANGELOG:
2005-06-13 Version 0.3
+ PyGTK 2.6 (was 2.4)
+ gnome-python[-extras] 2.11 (was 2.6)
These new dependencies allow the applet to work with the latest
stable GNOME (2.10), which had panel focus changes.

+ The list of search engine back-ends is now editable (through the
new preference dialog).

+ New applet icon.

+ Bug fix: history entries are now forgotten oldest-first, rather than
alphabetically-ordered first.

+ Note that there are new files (.glade, .png and .txt) that will need
to be installed (see the README for instructions).


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