Debian Edu 6.0.4 Release Candidate 1
Posted on: 02/20/2012 10:23 AM

Debian Edu 6.0.4 Release Candidate 1 has been released

We are happy to announce "Debian Edu Squeeze 6.0.4 rc1"!

Debian Edu aka Skolelinux is a Linux distribution based on Debian
providing an out-of-the box environment of a completely configured
school network. It contains setup for a school server, PXE booting for
diskless machines, setup for installing stationary workstations and
setup for workstations that can be taken away from the school network.

Several educational applications like celestia, drgeo, gcompris,
geogebra, kalzium, kgeography solfege and kgeography are included in
the default desktop setup.

Those who already is using beta3 can upgrade to this version using
apt-get upgrade, but must make sure to keep the existing gosa.conf
file for everything to keep working as expected when dpkg ask how to
handle the changed file during upgrade.

Complete download and installation instructions are available at

Read the "Getting Started" chapter of the manual to learn how to login
for the first

Please file bugs on any issues you find, and (probably somewhat
additionally) also mention those bugs and issues on our status page at

Testing and giving feedback to or
#debian-edu on is a very good way to start
contributing! Act now :-D

If you can do more, give the manual linked to above some love. It
needs it.

Changes compared to beta3 version

* Fixed typo causing the CUPS queue flushing and automatic restarting feature
to fail.
* Make sitesummary2ldapdhcp more robust and change it to create GOsa
netdevices instead of server LDAP objects.
* Updated documentation.
* Clients set up to shut down at night will now stay up for at least an hour
if they are turned on manually between 16:00 and 07:00.
* The automatic Nagios monitoring will now also check that the DHCP server
process is running.
* GOsa was updated to remove DHCP entries when a host is removed to avoid
leaving behind cruft (BTS 650258).
* GOsa was updated to transliterate full names to ASCII when generating user
names to avoid half UTF-8 characters in proposed usernames (BTS 657086)

The following features are not working as they should

* The RDP server set up on thin-client-servers gives distorted KDE desktop at
least when logging in using rdesktop (#608195). This is a bug in the VNC

To download this multiarch netinstall CD release you can use

* rsync -avzP

To download this multiarch DVD release you can use

* rsync -avzP

There is no source DVD available yet. It will be prepared when we get closer to
the final release.

You can also download using one of the Skolelinux mirrors.


The MD5SUM of these images are:

* 20d369a20d5078fa9e88e8942b3485fc debian-edu-6.0.4+edurc1-CD.iso
* 6d9bf6650a05672fe79d689b5c21f8b6 debian-edu-6.0.4+edurc1-DVD.iso

The SHA1SUM of these images are:

* 041094c6a0e9fd7423dc4e5c51ce37ac466094d6 debian-edu-6.0.4+edurc1-CD.iso
* 46b36f0c7c51fc1a0f6ddf6a1a4fa19de267dac2 debian-edu-6.0.4+edurc1-DVD.iso

These sums are also available GPG signed at

How to report bugs:

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