Debian 9 Status Update
Posted on: 04/28/2017 05:33 AM

Jonathan Wiltshire has published a status update for the upcoming Debian 9 release

Debian 9 Status Update

We're approaching the final sprint towards Debian 9 "stretch".

If you're still planning a BSP for stretch, now is the time to get it

Secure Boot

At a recent team meeting, we decided that support for Secure Boot
in the forthcoming Debian 9 "stretch" would no longer be a blocker
to release. The likely, although not certain outcome is that stretch
will not have Secure Boot support.

We appreciate that this will be a disappointment to many users and
developers. However, we need to balance that with the limited time
available for the volunteer teams working on this feature, and the
risk of bugs being introduced through rushed development.

It's possible that Secure Boot support could be introduced at some
point in stretch's lifetime.

RC bug status

At the time of writing, 143 RC bugs affected stretch. Just one of
them is marked as a blocker and unfixed in sid:
#861175 in cairocffi.

Preparing for release

We are beginning to consider the arrangements for releasing stretch.

A release date is still undecided. Meanwhile, please continue to
help with:

- RC bugs
- release note contributions
- upgrade testing

There are a number of internal items still to be dealt with, so a firm
release date will be announced later.

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