Damn Small Linux 3.3 RC3
Posted on: 03/20/2007 12:05 PM

Damn Small Linux 3.3 RC3 has been released

Cumulative Change Log for DSL v3.3RC3

* New flrun.lua replaces grun as the system's run command.
* Updated dsl-config to support auto load alsa both .dsl and .unc
* Added new keymap fi-latin9.map.gz.
* Updated mkmydsl to accept additional boot parameters containing slash.
* Restored non-boot scsi and netfilter modules.
* Cleaned up some leftover empty apt directories and moved to dsl-dpkg extension.
* New gettime.lua to set clock from a time server.
* Updated zoneinfo to support new Daylight Savings Time.
* Restored menu item "Enable Apt" and dpkg-resore download script.
* Updated mydsl tool; download directory is now verified.
* Updated pendrive installation scripts to be device independent both install and runtime.
* Fixed mount tool for cdrom and floppy devices.
* Added ballon help on docked mount tool.
* More install options on dslinstall menu; access via install boot label
* Added new /opt/bin directory with /opt/bin in PATH.
* Added mouse configuration persistence via .mouse_config.
* Improved rdesktop - added color depth.
* ALSA sound autoconfiguration improvement via conflicting audio module.
* Automated start of rcfirewall upon boot when rcfirewall.unc is in mydsl search path at boot.
* Added auto start of gtk2 when gtk2 extension is in mydsl search path at boot.
* Removed non-boot SCSI modues, now a unc and autoloaded when scsi.unc is in mydsl search path at boot.
* Added legacy option to lowram boot image label.
* Added lowram check to .xinitrc - prevents Dillo and Torsmo from starting.
* Updated bootfloppy.img to fix the 16MB memory/ramdisk bug.
* New dsl-split.lua a DSL KNOPPIX file dump to diskettes.
* Updated boot image "install" menu - dslinstall to support new options.
* Created a DSL FreeDOS utilitities diskette bootfloppy-utils.img for access to DOS installaton tools - linld, loadlin.
* Added declobber.sh to remove troublesome extraneous system directories in MyDSL extensions.
* Restored original b44.o module, should resolve hard drive netcard issues in v3.2.
* Fixed typo bug in mkmydsl.
* Fixed typo in exitcheck display of Iwconfig
* Fixed bug in frugal_lilo.sh when installing from a file.
* Fixed man script to support hard drive installations.

Damn Small Linux 3.3 RC3

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