Damn Small Linux 2.3 RC2
Posted on: 03/21/2006 09:36 PM

Damn Small Linux 2.3 RC2 has been released

Change Log for DSL v2.3 RC2

1. New auto mydsl. Auto scan for directory named mydsl will automatically load extensions.
2. New DSL natively booted can now recognize the Qemu virtual harddisk. Allows for shared backup.
3. Upgraded Qemu to v0.8 for both Windows and Linux versions.
4. New background image (Saturn) to match current theme.
5. Stop duplicate saves of wireless and printer.
6. Fixed boot options frugal and toram when used together would try to remount /dev/shm
7. Updated .xinitrc with another correction for better German keyboard support.

Damn Small Linux 2.3 RC2

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