Damn Small Linux 2.0RC2
Posted on: 11/10/2005 11:30 PM

Damn Small Linux 2.0RC2 has been released

DSL is a very versatile 50MB mini desktop oriented Linux distribution.

Changelog for 2.0RC2:
1. Added more base timezones
2. Enhanced LTmodem detection.
3. Corrected myDSL menu with persistent home usage
4. Updated kernel with SATA module support.
5. Enhanced Siag external load to use wget
6. Enhanced German keyboard support
7. Added a minimal version of Joe's Window Manager (see F3 at boot)
8. Enhanced Firefox for more mime types and Java.
9. Added GtkFind utility.

>>Download (MD5: 81cb592871b02ea3bf4e6f1613e6cc32)
Home page

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