csf 5.34 released
Posted on: 07/22/2011 06:55 PM

ConfigServer has released a new version of their csf Linux firewall

csf 5.34 released


Improvement to dovecot account name sanitisation checks in lfd
Modified cronjobs for new installs to be compatible with anacron
Added new option CLUSTER_BLOCK which is enabled by default. This allows you to disable automatic sharing of lfd blocks around a csf cluster, e.g. if you only wish to use the CLUSTER option to share settings and manual blocks and allows
Added new option RT_ACTION. If an RT_* event is triggered, then if RT_ACTION contains the path to a script, it will be run in a child process and be passed a list of items (see csf.conf - for cPanel and DA only)
Fix to DYNDNS Advanced Allow/Deny Filters using pipe separator
Set permissions to 700 on *.sh, *.pl and *.php in /etc/csf/ instead of a blanket 600 of non-csf scripts

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