CSF 12.09 released
Posted on: 12/05/2018 09:29 AM

ConfigServer has released a new version of their CSF firewall for Linux servers

CSF 12.09 released


Added new option CT_SUBNET_LIMIT. If the total number of connections from a class C subnet is greater than this value then the offending subnet is blocked according to the other CT_* settings. This option is disabled by default
Removed ALTTOR from csf.blocklists on new installations as it has been discontinued
Use ConfigServer::Slurp to read csf.resellers to avoid invalid line endings
Modified CLUSTER_SENDTO and CLUSTER_RECVFROM so that they can be set to a file instead of listing IP’s within the respective setting. See csf.conf for more details
Removed open_basedir check on cPanel servers in Server Check
Fixed csf.conf typo
Updates to Courier IMAP regexes for Plesk

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