CrossOver Linux Public Beta
Posted on: 10/02/2006 07:50 AM

Codeweavers released a public beta of CrossOver Linux 6 (CrossOver Office)

CrossOver Linux allows you to install your favorite Windows productivity applications, plugins and games in Linux, without needing a Microsoft Operating System license. CrossOver includes an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing a Windows application simple and fast. Once installed, your application integrate seamlessly with your Gnome or KDE environment. Just click and run your application, exactly as you would in Windows, but with the full freedom of Linux.

Installing your favorite Windows software is easy. New Windows applications can be installed using their normal installation CDs. Just place a Windows CD in your PC, and CrossOver will recognize it and offer to begin the installation process. CrossOver then completes the installation and configures your application to run under Linux. That's all there is to it.

CrossOver Linux lets you use many Windows plugins directly from your Linux browser. Plugin works on any x86 based Linux distribution and will integrate with most browsers including Firefox 1.x, Netscape 6.x, Konqueror, Mozilla, and Opera. CrossOver also integrates with Gnome and KDE to let you transparently open any Word, Excel or PowerPoint file. But even better, you can open these attachment types directly from any mail client. Because CrossOver uses the native Windows plugins, you get the best compatibility possible.

We are providing a free time limited beta version of CrossOver Linux to anyone that is willing to test CrossOver. CrossOver Linux will be the very best way to run your Windows applications on your favorite Linux distro. It will let you install and run Windows programs as though they were native, all without having to buy or run a copy of Windows itself.

This beta version will give you a taste of the promise of CrossOver, but should be considered an early test release - we intend to make substantial further improvements before we ship a production version. If you're not interested in experimental software, you should skip this and wait for notice of the production release.

However, if you are interested in helping us to test CrossOver, we would very much like your feedback.

CrossOver Linux Public Beta

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