criawips 0.0.2 released
Posted on: 03/08/2004 09:40 AM

criawips is a slide show application that aims to become a full featured presentation application in the future. criawips is based upon the GNOME development platform [1] and some libraries from GNOME Office [2]. criawips wants to become a part of GNOME Office once it

About this release:
Version 0.0.2 [3] (release just one week after 0.0.1) features some minor improvements (removed hard coded paths) and some other bug fixes. It was used for three presentations the weekend that has just passed and would have worked all right if there were no hardware problems. The presentation files for these three talks are included in the current tarball in the samples directory.

After completing this release the code is going to be imported into the savannah cvs repository [4].


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