Contentteller 2.0.7 released
Posted on: 04/23/2010 10:39 AM

Contentteller 2.0.7 has been released

Contentteller is a powerful content management system written in the PHP scripting language designed for sites of all sizes and types.

Version 2.0.7 (2010-04-22)
- Fixed typos in both templates articles_summary_comment_options_edit and articles_summary_comment_avatar
- Fixed an issue with usernames/passwords using dots in Contentteller bbwrapper module
- Fixed typos in mailing list module
- Updated Editarea to version 0.8.2
- Fixed a small backslash problem in news/file email notifications
- Removed old (legacy) code from show ticket
- Fixed a problem with quotes in the comment edit function of the articles module
- Fixed a formatting issue with the admin comments editor
- Enhanced the POP3 email import in import module
- Fixed two backslash problems
- Fixed an issue with NOTICE in links module
- Modified referrer log to exclude invalid referrers
- Fixed a small problem with user status in add new user
- Changed the code to properly redirect to the right permissions page after an admin user has been added
- Fixed multiple smaller glitches in the private message system
- Fixed issues with the block code
- Updated TinyMCE to version 3.3.3

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