Conduit 0.3.0
Posted on: 05/07/2007 10:41 AM

This is a development release, the first in the unstable 0.3.0 series leading up to 0.4.0. This release marks the completion of the core sync engine rewrite to better deal with two way synchronization, conversions, and detecting conflicts and deletions.

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What is Conduit
Conduit is a synchronization application for GNOME. It allows you to synchronize your data between online web services (Gmail,, Flickr, etc) and your computer.

What Can Conduit Do
gt;From an end user perspective Conduit has reached the level of being useful. Conduit can currently perform the following sync partnerships;

* Two way file/folder sync on gnomevfs volumes
* Two way Tomboy note sync via gnomevfs volumes
* Two way Tomboy note sync via ipod notes
* One way sync of files/folders of photos to Flickr
* One way sync of FSpot tagged photos to Flickr

In the one way sync/export case Conduit is smart in the sense that if a piece of data has not been modified then it will not be synchronized/exported again, it will replace the existing data.

I have also added conflict detection, and a UI for resolving conflicts, including the ability to compare the conflicting data (using gnome-open on the relevant URI).

Conduit has a full featured DBus interface to allow other application authors to use Conduit to perform the synchronization and export tasks of their applications.

Whats Planned For Future
* Google gdata support (Notes, docs, base)
* Direct PC-PC sync over local LAN using Avahi
* Evolutions/EDS support

I am actively looking for help with this project. Contact me if interested.
* Conduit is written in python and PyGTK
* Conduit has been designed to be easy to extend. It implements a plugin system much like deskbar.
* One of Conduits main aims is to encourage other developers to come onto the project through supplying:
** Full API Documentation:
** Developer Walk through:

More and more people use online services to organise their life, I hope Conduit can be the bridge between peoples computers and the web.

John Stowers

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