Conduit 0.2.0
Posted on: 09/21/2006 09:16 AM

Conduit 0.2.0 has been released

I am proud to announce the second public release of Conduit: Conduit v0.2

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What is Conduit
Conduit is a synchronization application for GNOME. It allows you to synchronize your data between online web services (Gmail,, flickr, etc) and your computer.

Conduit is not a PIM synchronization application for sync'ing your mobile phone with your Evolution notes (for example). This functionality is planned
for the future.

What Can Conduit Do
This release aims to show the possibilities of Conduit and to try and get other developers interested. It is the second release that is Useful but still has limitations.

You can synchronize (one way at this stage) between the following
* Gmail Emails
* Gnome-vfs Files
* RSS Feed with Enclosures
* Tomboy Notes
* Stickynotes applet Notes
* Notes
* FSpot and Flickr

If conversion of data is required between these items then that will be handled automatically and transparently. E.g binary files will be attached to email, text files will be inserted inline.

Whats New This Version
* Save application settings
* Multiple sinks per source
* Flickr and Fspot dataproviders
* Treemodel can group dataproviders in categories
* Experimental two way file/folder sync
* Delete items from canvas
* Many other canvas improvements
* Many many bug fixes

Whats Planned For Future
* Conduit will grow a Dbus interface. Think synchronisation as a
system service.....
* Improvements to all the dataproviders
* Two way sync for core gnome apps e.g tomboy
* Evolutions/EDS dataprovider

I am actively looking for help with this project. Contact me if interested.
* Conduit is written in python and PyGTK
* Conduit has been designed to be easy to extend. It implements a
plugin system much like deskbar.
* One of Conduits main aims is to encourage other developers to
come onto the project through supplying:
** Full API Documentation:
** Developer Walkthrough:

More and more people use online services to organise their life, I
hope Conduit can be the bridge between peoples computers and the web.

John Stowers

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