Componentized Linux: roadmap and future plans
Posted on: 04/16/2005 06:10 AM

OSNews reports that Progeny published the roadmap and future plans for Componentized Linux

In summary, the next version of CL Core will be version 3.0 and is scheduled for release in July 2005. Leading up to the final release, we are planning to make four "preview releases" on the following schedule:

Version Release Date
3.0 Preview Release 1 (PR1) 04/22/05
3.0 Preview Release 2 (PR2) 05/16/05
3.0 Preview Release 3 (PR3) 06/13/05
3.0 Preview Release 4 (PR4) 07/04/05
3.0 Release 1 (R1) 07/25/05

3.0 PR1 will essentially be the same as 2.0 RC2, with packages updated to sarge as of April 2005. The preview releases that follow (PR2, PR3, and PR4) will continue to track sarge, with a variety of incremental platform improvements and bug fixes in each new preview release.

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