Chronojump 0.52 released
Posted on: 04/02/2007 09:09 AM

Chronojump 0.52 has been released:

ChronoJump is an application for jump, run, reaction time and pulse timetracking

Chronojump uses a contact platform suitable for two events (in-platform, out-platform), and also a chronometer printed circuit designed ad-hoc in order to obtain precise and trustworthy measurements.

The flight time of a jump is an indicator of the elevation of the Center of gravity of the jumper (as long as the starting and arrival position are the same).

Chronojump is free software and open hardware.

You can also read more about Chronojump at

* What's changed for Chronojump since last version?

Changes from 0.50 are:

Main changes:

-Configurable "realtime" bells (sounds) on repetitive events, and show of best and worst values on TF / TC. This allows Chronojump to be used also as a TRAINING METHOD.
-Added reaction time
- Treeviews of repetitive tests now show AVG, totalTime and Typical Deviation of every test
-Repetitive events get recorded on temp tables for being recuperated if there's any crash
-Finish and cancel buttons work better asking to the user to touch the platform if needed
-Added Standard (typical) Deviation on stats
-Added a Language window on first Windows session
- Works on mono 1.2.3 (Linux) (not in previous Mono versions). Works also on .NET (Windows)
-Started server integrations

Minor changes:
-Treeviews of events have units and get updated if there's change on preferences
- Changed "event" for "test" in all places
- Added "Free" jump
- Better export to CSV (Spreadsheets) (using ';' instead of ',')
- better info on languageChange
- shown of tf/tc value on jump reactive execution
- coded needed gui for pulse, reactionTime, ...
- changes on UI and added tooltips

Bugs Fixed:
- fixed important bug on runInterval execute (chronopic)
- correct copying of logo and css to user dir
- Windows report with htm extension
- Fixed tf in rjEvolution graph
- fixed "forgetting" of m/s or km/h configuration on treeviews
- lot more...

- Added Catalan (Thanks to Eli) Dzongkha
-Updated Catalan, spanish and Dzongkha
-Added for easy updating translations

More info on detailed changelog:

* Where can I get it ?

Chronojump uses Chronopic and a contact platform, but can run without
them on simulated mode:

Printed from Linux Compatible (