CESA-2007:0022 Moderate CentOS 3 i386 squirrelmail - security update
Posted on: 02/01/2007 12:24 AM

CentOS Errata and Security Advisory CESA-2007:0022

squirrelmail security update for CentOS 3 i386:

- - After installing this update, users are advised to restart their
httpd service to ensure that the updated version functions correctly.
- - config.php should NOT be modified, please modify config_local.php instead.
- - Known Bug: The configuration generator may potentially produce bad
options that interfere with the operation of this application. Applying
specific config changes to config_local.php manually is recommended.

The following updated file has been uploaded and is currently syncing to the mirrors:



You may update your CentOS-3 i386 installations by running the command:

yum update squirrelmail

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