CentOS boot time on SSD
Posted on: 07/14/2012 08:38 AM

Dedoimedo posted a short article showing boot time results on CentOS 6.2 running from SSD local storage and explaining how to setup and install Bootchart and visualize graphs with pybootchartgui.

CentOS boot time on SSD

Several weeks ago, I reviewed CentOS 6.2 on my T61 machine, equipped with two SSD disks, one of which served to host the freshly installed RedHat derivative. It worked well, just as expected. But then, came the issue of the boot time. I intentionally did not reveal it, so you would have to be reading this article.

But no, seriously, timing the boot process on CentOS is tricky, for two reasons. One, the software for that purpose, called Bootchart, is not part of the OS image or the repository, so you will have to manually set it up and create graphs. Not an easy task, hence the first part of this article, almost a tutorial. Two, CentOS is not about boot speed, because it's irrelevant when you run a server distribution. What matters is stability and performance with real tasks. But home fanboys, myself included, like numbers, so let me give you some numbers. Before you read further, take a wild guess. How quick is CentOS on SSD?

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