CentOS 6.0 available on the first mirrors
Posted on: 07/09/2011 05:10 PM

CentOS 6.0 is finally available on the first mirrors for download

CentOS 6.0 Release Notes

1. Translations
Translations of these release notes are available for the following languages :
Česky (cs) - David Hrbáč
English (en)
Português do Brasil (pt-br) - Lucas do Amaral Saboya
简体中文 (zh-cn) - Timothy Lee
繁體中文 (zh-tw) - Timothy Lee

2. Introduction
Welcome to the CentOS 6.0 release. CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by our Upstream OS Provider (UOP)1.

CentOS conforms fully with the upstream vendor's redistribution policy and aims to be 100% binary compatible. (CentOS mainly changes packages to remove upstream vendor branding and artwork.)

CentOS 6.0 represents many changes from previous releases.

CentOS 6.0 has been completely rebuilt using a newer build system and library checks to confirm upstream binary compatibility.

We have decided not to follow the UOP's usage of Installation Codes. All 'channels' are available to the System Administrator at time of installation.

Please read through the other sections before trying an install or reporting an issue.

3. Install Media and sha1sum

i386 media and their sha1sums are:

9a8dfa2b68937372f89bd1ca46fba7ee71c5262c CentOS-6.0-i386-bin-DVD.iso
5e3973cb87dc99a71d4a36d81ad1369618251cf2 CentOS-6.0-i386-netinstall.iso

x86_64 media and their sha1sums are:

82637f7d81a6d7dbacf0699dd3bdc72360555dba CentOS-6.0-x86_64-bin-DVD1.iso
e09c6406c0658dbe28beec363c7adfb0c2c5c3f7 CentOS-6.0-x86_64-bin-DVD2.iso
024e7176a16509d81d4c8e9b601202ecc2bc5040 CentOS-6.0-x86_64-netinstall.iso


4. Known Issues
The installer needs at least 392MB of memory to work. Text mode will automatically be used if the system has less than 652MB of memory.
The text installer has limited capabilities compared to the GUI installer. Most notably there is no support for configuring partition layout, storage methods or package selection. Please refer to the official documentation for details.
The message "Insufficient memory to configure kdump!" appears during install. This is a known upstream bug which appears on systems with less than 4 GB RAM and solved by updating to kexec-tools-2_0_0-153_el6 or newer.
Content for x86_64 is split into two DVDs. The second disk contains only packages from upstream's "Optional" channel. Installs not requiring any of the packages from the "Optional" category should run using only DVD#1.
The i386 DVD is just a bit too large to fit on normal single layer DVD+R media. It can be burnt succesfully on DVD-R.

5. Packages and Applications
5.1. Packages modified by CentOS


5.2. Packages removed from CentOS that are included upstream


5.3. Packages added by CentOS that are not included upstream


6. How to help and get help

As a CentOS user there are various ways you can help out with the CentOS community. Take a look at our Contribute page for further information on how to get involved.

6.1. Special Interest Groups
CentOS consists of different Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that bring together people with similar interests. The following SIGs already exist:

Artwork - create and improve artwork for CentOS releases and promotion
Promotion - help promoting CentOS online or at events
Virtualization - unite people around virtualization in CentOS
And we encourage people to join any of these SIGs or start up a new SIG, e.g.

Alpha, S390, Sparc and PPC port - help with porting CentOS to other architectures
Hardware compatibility - provide feedback about specific hardware
RPM Packaging - contribute new useful RPM packages
Translation - help translating the documentation, website and wiki content

6.2. Mailinglists and Fora
Another way you can help others in the community is by actively helping and resolving problems that users come up against in the mailinglists and the fora.

6.3. Wiki and Website
Even as an inexperienced CentOS user we can use your help. Because we like to know what problems you encountered, if you had problems finding specific information, how you would improve documentation so it becomes more accessible. This kind of feedback is as valuable to others as it would have been to you so your involvement is required to make CentOS better.

So if you want to help out and improve our documentation and wiki, register on the wiki or subscribe to the centos-docs mailinglist.

7. Further Reading

The following websites contain large amounts of information to help people with their CentOS systems :

Upstream release notes and documentation : http://docs.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/index.html

8. Thanks

We thank everyone involved for helping us produce this product.

Copyright (C) 2011 The CentOS Project

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