CentOS 4.2 Server CD - i386 Released
Posted on: 11/12/2005 02:50 PM

The single CD Server edition of CentOS 4.2/i386 has now been released.

It lets you setup a basic CentOS 4 system along with the server components. Anything else that is needed can then be installed via yum or up2date once the system is running. The resulting installed system is identical to a normal CentOS 4 install ( with yum and up2date ).

One important thing to keep in mind - this installer uses the stock i686 kernel - therefore i586 machines are not supported ( including MiniITX, ViaC3's, AMD K6' etc ). If you need to install on such machines, you will need to get the full distro.

Download the ServerCD from /centos/4/isos/i386/ directory on your local
mirror or pickup the torrent. List of mirrors at http://www.centos.org/mirrors . The torrent is at http://mirror.centos.org/centos/4/isos/i386/CentOS-4.2.ServerCD-i386.torrent

We appreciate all feedback ( via http://bugs.centos.org/ ), including RFE's and bug notifications.


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