CentOS-4.0 (Beta) for ia64
Posted on: 01/24/2005 02:26 PM

CentOS-4.0 (Beta) for ia64 has been released

The CentOS team is happy to announce the availability of CentOS-4.0 (Beta) for ia64. This product supports Intel Itanium2 processors.

This is a Beta distribution and may not be suitable for use in production environments.

Please add any errors or bugs you encounter to bugzilla on http://www.centos.org/bugs/

NOTE: You must change your "/etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources" and your "/etc/yum.conf" files to point to the beta server. For examples of each of these files see: http://centos.HughesJR.com/build/

Download DVD Image (BitTorrent)
Download Source DVD (BitTorrent)

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