CentOS 3.4 - i386 - Single CD Server
Posted on: 01/22/2005 05:12 AM

CentOS 3.4 Single CD Server for i386 has been released. Here the full release annoucement:

The CentOS Team is pleased to announce the official release of a new single CD Server version of CentOS 3.4 for i386.

This single CD iso should be ideal for use in datacentres for installing servers and it has also been designed for covermount magazine use.

This version includes all of the packages that can be chosen to be installed during a 'Server' install.

Once installed yum can be used to install additional packages from mirrors and yum groupinstall can be used to install additional package groups.

This release includes all relevant RHEL 3 updates (for U4) and errata up to January 20th, 2005.

A new ISO image is available from mirrors and is also available via BitTorrent.

Downloading -- Bittorrent

The bittorent for the CD is found at :-


Please use bittorrent and keep your downloader running for others to use even after the download completes.

If you need to install bittorrent for CentOS, rpms are available from Dag's repository.


An earlier version of bittorrent is also available in the CentOS 3.3 contrib repo - which may be installed using 'yum install bittorrent' - a gui version is also available - 'yum install bittorrent-gui'

Then execute btdownloadcurses.py url to .torrent file in a shell. (or btdownloadgui.py for the gui) You may need to open ports 6881-6889 and 6969 if you have tight firewall restrictions.

The .torrent files are also available on all caosity mirrors.

Once again - please leave your downloader running after the download is complete (with ports 6881-6889 open) as your downloader will become part of the peer to peer bittorrent network and reduce the load on our mirror servers.

Further information on bittorrent is available at http://bittorrent.com

Downloading -- .iso images

iso images are available from your favorite CentOS mirror and will be found at :-


A current list of mirrors can be obtained from


isos are available to purchse from www.cheeplinux.com (UK) and should also be available from a number of other online vendors.


To stay up to date with CentOS join the CentOS mailing list at http://lists.caosity.org/mailman/listinfo/centos

Join #centos at irc.freenode.net

Or participate in the web forums at http://www.centos.org

Please add any errors or bugs you encounter to buzilla on http://www.centos.org/bugs


The CentOS Team

Lance Davis
CentOS 3 i386 Release Manager

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