Centmin 1.2.1-eva2000.09 released
Posted on: 09/01/2011 01:15 PM

George Liu (eva2000) has released a modified Centmin installation script to include PHP 5.3.8 (php-fpm), MariaDB 5.2.7, Xcache v1.3.2, Memcached server, CSF firewall, Siege Benchmark, and Python 2.71

Centmin 1.2.1-eva2000.09 released

Nginx install script for CentOS servers by BTCentral has been updated and released incorporating alot of my modifications which were made to Centmin v1.1.0 base here. I’ve updated my modifications to use Centmin v1.2.0 and higher as a base. Centmin v1.2.0 has fixed my modifications to work with both CentOS 32bit and 64bit servers.

Here’s my modified Centmin v1.2.1 below which automatically installs the following via bash shell script framework written by BTCentral folks. Updates to my modified version will be updated in this blog post, so bookmark it and check back regularly. Also if you like this post/Centmin mod, feel free to share/vote on social media site links at top of post i.e. facebook, reddit, twitter, google+ etc

Nginx v1.0.6
PHP 5.3.8 php-fpm install
MariaDB 5.2.7 default MySQL server – you’ll want min 512MB of installed memory
Memcached 1.4.7
Memcache v3.0.5 (do not use v3.0.6 doesn’t seem to work properly)
Xcache v1.3.2
APC 3.1.9
Python v2.72
CSF firewall
Siege benchmark and Sproxy.

v1.2.1-eva2000.09 – 01/09/2011
Updated Extras/nginx-vhost domain setup tool
Updated Nginx from v1.0.5 to v1.0.6 http://nginx.org/en/CHANGES-1.0
Updated Libevent from v2.0.12 to v2.0.13
Optimised default MariaDB 5.2 MySQL my.cnf for lower memory usage for low memory based VPS (note: you’ll need more memory for better performance)

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