CEEA:2006:0303-001 CentOS 4 i386 yumex Enhancement - update
Posted on: 03/03/2006 12:31 PM

CEEA:2006:0303-001 CentOS 4 i386 yumex Enhancement - update (extras

Yum Extender (yumex) has been added to CentOS-4 i386 extras.

Yum is the official (and preferred) CentOS installation and update tool.

yumex is a Graphical User Interface for the yum.

Special thanks to the yumex maintainer Tim Lauridsen for working with the CentOS team to roll in several of our suggested changes into this version of yumex. Tim also backported all the code he has done for yum-2.5.x so we can use it with the 2.4.x series of yum that is included in CentOS-4 ... and Tim has graciously accepted our request to maintain yumex for CentOS.

You can install yumex with the command (if you have the extras repo enabled):

yum install yumex

The following files are uploaded and syncing to the mirrors:



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