CEBA-2007:0978 CentOS 5 i386 gfs-kmod Update
Posted on: 10/27/2007 08:17 AM

CentOS Errata and Bugfix Advisory 2007:0978

Upstream details at :

The following updated files have been uploaded and are currently syncing to the mirrors: ( md5sum Filename )

3a82f870d3c755567bb2da144575377d kmod-gfs-0.1.16-
319aeb1ad5d56691e759cf96f9da3f34 kmod-gfs-PAE-0.1.16-
5549d3a82ba3c959ed93bdf4ce1a8694 kmod-gfs-xen-0.1.16-

d02a58d668e3d517cfc1b9c28b288be2 gfs-kmod-0.1.16-

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