Browser Bookmarks Menu (Gnome Applet) 0.3
Posted on: 11/17/2004 02:59 PM

Browser Bookmarks Menu 0.3 has been released

This is a small Gnome applet to allow easy access to your browser's bookmarks, even when your browser is not open.

Version 0.3 was supposed to focus on packaging and installation, but that turned out to be more complicated than I was expecting (and any help would be appreciated). So I went for features instead.

2004-11-17 Version 0.3
+ Supports Galeon and Konqueror.
+ Ellipsizes very long bookmark names and URLs.
+ Bookmarklets ("javascript:" bookmarks) menu items disabled.
+ Show dialog box for query bookmarks (those with "%s" in their URL). For example:
+ Bare-bones troubleshooting guide added to the README. Dependency information added.

+ Packaging (RPM) and installation scripts.
+ Internationalization.
+ Support Epiphany nested topics.
+ GNOME HIG compliance (chapter 10 re panel applets).
+ UI fix (unwanted focus border).
+ UI fix (when applet height < panel height).
+ Ellipsize using Pango rather than on string length.

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