Boson 0.13
Posted on: 10/02/2006 07:57 AM

Release of Boson 0.13, a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game for the K Desktop Environment.

Most of the work since the last release has been on behind the scenes features, such as fixing various issues with the new cmake based build system (which has made our life a lot easier) and a lot of small code improvements. Also the groundwork of a few new features has been layed that will get used in a later release, but are not yet supported by the game. An example here is code support for radar jammers.

The actual user-visible highlights of this release:
* New fog of war. In addition to the original fog of war that covers the whole terrain until it has been explored by a unit, we also have "fog" that covers all units that are outside the players' sight range.
* Icons for distant units: Units that are very far away from the camera position are replaced by a constant-size icon showing unit's type and it's owner's status toward you (friendly/neutral/enemy). This makes it possible to still recognize units that would otherwise be a small dot on the screen only.

Note that many core features are still in development and thus Boson is still mostly unplayable.

For a longer, though still very incomplete list see

You can find a list of hardware and software requirements at
Note that proper 3d acceleration is required.

Downloading Boson
Source packages can be found at

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