Boson 0.10
Posted on: 05/03/2004 06:44 AM

Boson 0.10, a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game for the K Desktop Environment, has been released

The main focus of this release are dependencies. Boson does not depend on arts/kdemultimedia and kdegames/libkdegames anymore, instead boson requires OpenAL for sound. You can find a hopefully complete list of the dependencies at

Another core feature is improved level of detail code. You can look at a large area of the map containign many units without significant speed loss now. Also there are many other performance related improvements in this release.

On a non technical side the most important important feature is probably the new harvesting code. Harvesting both, minerals and oil, is now supported. We believe this is a big step to make boson fully playable.

Last but not least there are ongoing improvements on our AI code. The computer players have now the ability to produce units.

The most important changes in this version:
- libkdegames is included in this release. You do not need to have it installed anymore.
- Arts is not used anymore, OpenAL is used for sound instead, fixing many problems.
- Mineral and oil harvesting is supported
- Many performance improvements
- Improved pathfinding
- Neutral player added
- Elementary AI
- Huge amount of bugfixes

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