Bonzai Linux 3.1
Posted on: 11/14/2003 07:20 PM

Marcus Moeller has finally released a new version of the Debian Woody based Bonzai Linux

Now it is finally created - the current Bonzai version 3.1 is finished. And there hamsters are as well known night active contain this version XFce4 as window manager. Beside the version update of XFree86 to 4.2.1 the Installer is continued to improve. An additional network configuration is over netcardconfig possible. The graphic surface XFce was optimized directly on the needs of the Bonzai Linux user.

The package manager Synaptic facilitates the package installation under X uncommonly.

Thus Bonzai Linux offers a solid basis for a Debian based Desktop system, which is executable on older computers even. The installation of additional packages from Debian sources is easily possible.

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