Blogfish 1.0RC1
Posted on: 09/24/2004 05:46 AM

Blogfish 1.0RC1 has been released

New features
* MUCH improved and tested networking code: blogfish should now be able to stay connected for days, with less network traffic
* Improved settings dialog, including configurable fish speed, death, spawning, fighting and reproduction
* More lifelike fish movement ++
* Redesigned fish details dialog - text now wraps correctly, RSS parsing improved
* New included backgrounds and several new fish images
* New uninstall script
* Improved install script
* Better handling of peer disconnects
* Peers pass on neighbour information if requested
* There is a running peer to connect to!
* Now promoted from alpha to release candidate. No shark attacks have been reported on Blogfish users. If you are attacked by a shark while using Blogfish, swim carefully away from the computer

[++] now in 2 dimensions!


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