BackTrack 5 or Kali Linux 1.0
Posted on: 06/11/2013 10:05 AM takes a quick look at the differences of BackTrack 5 and Kali Linux 1.0

BackTrack 5 or Kali Linux 1.0

get many searches related to BackTrack 5 that makes me wonder if netizens responsible for those searches are aware that the distribution known as BackTrack is old news. If you didn’t and you got here by searching for “backtrack 5,” this article will direct you to the right distribution to use.

BackTrack is/was a specialty Linux distribution for security professionals. It is designed for hacking and penetration testing and is loaded with the best Free and Open Source (FOSS) hacking applications available. The last edition was BackTrack 5 R3 (the R is for Revolution).

After BackTrack 5 R3, the developers decided to retool and revamp their distribution. The result of their effort was released as Kali Linux. So the gist of this article is this: BackTrack is now known as Kali Linux, and if you came to this website searching for information about BackTrack 5 R3, Kali Linux 1.0 is the distribution you should be looking for.

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