Automatic Testing tool now available for KDE
Posted on: 04/08/2004 03:54 AM

KD Executor 2.0 has been released:

KD Executor 2.0; our tool for testing and automation. We are proud to make available a free version of this to the KDE community.

(Free as in beer, not as in speech).

What is KD Executor
KD Executor is a record and playback tool for Qt and KDE applications. In addition, it contains a test environment which uses this record and playback tool for testing Qt and KDE applications.

Why free as in beer and not free as in speech?
Klarlvdalens Datakonsult AB has always been very dedicated to Open Source Software development, all of our employees are involved in KDE development, and most have a record of open source involvement in the order of magnitude of 10 years.

Much of our software is dual-licensed under the GPL and a commercial license, and therefore it has been a great worry for us that we have so far not been able to make KD Executor available under GPL.

We have reached the conclusion that this is likely never going to happen, as this would make it very difficult, if not impossible, for us to sell any commercial licenses, but fortunately we have found a way to still make it available to our fellow KDE programmers.

Where to download it?
The KD Executor community edition is available from

To use it you need to set a license key (the version will expire in three months at which time the final 2.0 version should be released; that version will not be time-bombed). To use this key, put the following lines in your .zshrc or equivalent

export KDABEvalKey=69e9ec5ff9e9689c

Mirror sites needed
We only have limited bandwidth available, so we would very much appreciate it if people set up mirrors.

If doing so please notify us by sending a mail to, and we will add your site to the download page listed above.

KD Executor mailing lists
There is a mailing list dedicated to KD Executor discussions available at

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