Aurox Linux 9.4.2 Single CD
Posted on: 08/03/2004 04:27 AM

A single CD edition of Aurox Linux has been released

You can find Aurox 9.4.2 -- Aurox with reduced number of packages. The whole distribution is placed on one CD. Two versions are available: German and Polish. However, it's still possible to install and use this version also in English...

To do this, please choose Polish ISO (aurox-9.4.2-1.iso), and after boot prompt type:
linux lang=en_US
Remember that GUI in mplayer will remain Polish.
After installation You can download other Aurox 9.4 packages using apt-get or yum.
Aurox 9.4.2 contains KDE 3.2.2 (no GNOME), multimedia, office and most popular applications.
This is NOT an upgrade/update release. If You've got Aurox 9.4, You don't need 9.4.2.

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