Aurox 10.0
Posted on: 10/07/2004 06:30 AM

Aurox Linux 10.0 has been released

Since today Aurox 10.0 (code name: Amber) is available for download.
ISO images are numbered as 10.0.1, because package list differs from "regular" 10.0 published couple of days ago.
Changes in this release are related mainly to 'core' components of the system: kernel and hardware detection tools.

New and exciting features are:

* kernel 2.6.7
* SWSUSP (it allows You to suspend Your system to swap partition)
* udev-030 (dynamically creates /dev entries)
* ipw2100 (device driver for Intel Pro Wireless card)
* ndiswrapper (tool that allows You to install WinXP drivers for wireless network cards)
* synaptics touchpad drivers (You can now use all the features of this devices: tapping, scrolling etc.)

Many other packages have been updated, the most important are:

* 1.1.2
* kde 3.2.3
* xine
* mplayer

You'll find also new version of gimp, cd/dvd writing tools and many others.

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