ATK 2.26.0 released
Posted on: 09/11/2017 04:43 PM

ATK 2.26.0, the last major version of the stable version of ATK has just been released

ATK 2.26.0 released

About ATK

GNOME provides support for accessibility devices using the ATK library. This library defines a set of interfaces to which graphical interface components adhere. This allows, for instance, screen readers to read the text of an interface and interact with its controls. ATK support is built into GTK+ and the rest of the GNOME platform, so any application using GTK+ will have reasonable accessibility support for free.

Nonetheless, you should be aware of accessibility issues when when developing your applications. Although GTK+ interfaces provide reasonable accessibility by default, you can often improve how well your program behaves with accessibility tools by providing additional information to ATK. If you develop custom widgets, you should ensure that they expose their properties to ATK.

News (compared against 2.24.0)

* New Relations and Roles:
* Bug 748384: Add ATK_ROLE_FOOTNOTE
* Bug 781587: Add error-message, error-for, details and
* Bugfixing
* Bug 689810: Move include guards out to enable GCC optimisation
* Bug 781715: Crash under atk_gobject_accessible_dispose()
* Gobject introspection:
* Mark unbindable functions as 'skip
* Build (general/autotools):
* Several cleanups in preparation to meson build support
* Build (meson):
* Bug 782871: Add meson build system
* Several meson build improvements afterwards
* Build (meson on Windows)
* Note: tracked by Bug 785802 (not fully fixed yet).
* Force-include msvc_recommended_pragmas.h on MSVC
* tests: Fix build on pre-C99
* meson: Build .rc file on Windows
* Build (visual studio)
* Adapt to the Python-field glib-genmarshal
* Adapt to new glib-genmarshal command line
* Use PythonDir instead of PythonPath
* Integrate introspection builds
* Don't build introspection by default
* Make marshal generation more robust
* Build (win32):
* win32: Fix replacing items in files with UTF-8 content
* Docs:
* Modernise the API reference:
* Use XInclude
* Stop using SGML mode with XML files
* Drop version.xml and use the gtk-doc package entities
* Update the README mentioning Meson, Ninja, and cleaning a little
* Remove empty overrides file
* Translation support:
* Update po/Makevars (copyright and bug address)
* Misc
* Update AUTHORS file
* Remove
* Remove uninstalled pkg-config file
* Remove unused script for bundling ATK on Windows
* Remove ChangeLog
* Remove local introspection.m4
* Update git ignore file

Emmanuele Bassi, Daniel Boles, Milan Crha, Joanmarie Diggs, Piotr Drąg, Chun-wei Fan, Rico Tzschichholz

Pawan Chitrakar (ne), Ask Hjorth Larsen (da), Yuras Shumovich (be), Fabio Tomat (fur)

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